RPI 4 heatsink placement

I’ve just put together the Little Bird Raspberry Pi 4 Essentials Kit and notice that there are a variety of heatsinks supplied. Can you please indicate a resource that instructs me where each one should go?

Hi Christopher,

Sure, no problem. We have a guide on where to place the heatsinks on the Pi 4, here: https://www.littlebird.com.au/a/how-to/163/how-to-attach-heatsinks-to-raspberry-pi-4

Just a heads up, we also have a Getting Started with Raspberry Pi 4 guide, here: https://www.littlebird.com.au/a/how-to/191/getting-started-with-the-raspberry-pi-4


Thanks for the link. There’s just one heatsink left - I’m unsure where to put it - it is the flat one…

Any ideas? It’d be nice to discover what the last piece of the puzzle is!

@huntc, I’d put it where you feel the heat!
I wouldn’t put it on the wireless module (top right in your photo).