Wolfram Engine and Mathematica not supplied with Noobs RPi 4 Card

I purchased a new Rpi 4 from Little Bird Electronics. It works fine except that Wolfram and Mathematica were not supplied on the 32 Gb Noobs card. I tried to download them but ran into problems. I contacted Wolfram Technical Support but they require a more recent release of Noobs 3.2.1 than I was supplied last week. I tried sudo apt-get update but that wont work. So I am stuck without getting a new edition of Noobs as below.

Hello Gregory,

Thank you for your reply.

To check if Noobs contains Wolfram and Mathematica, I have formatted my sd card and re-install Raspbian (Full version).

I used Noobs version 3.2.1 (release date: 9/30/2019) downloaded from the link below:


Without additional installation processes, I can find them under home -> programming.

The version of Mathematica is 12.0.1.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Eun Hyun Park

Wolfram Technical Support

Wolfram Research Inc.

Hi Gregory,

I was just at the Raspberry Pi Foundation in Cambridge and said the exact same thing.
They said that I was wrong, and that it was definitely included in Raspbian.

You can install Wolfram however using:

sudo apt update; 
sudo apt install wolfram-engine

After doing so Mathematica will appear under the programming section.

I think the reason why it wasn’t included in the image was because:

  • RPi4 only runs Buster and greater.
  • Mathematica 11.3 for Linux-ARM is not compatible w/ Buster
  • Mathematical 12 for Linux-ARM is compatible w/ Buster, but was not ready for the RPi 4 Launch.